W.I.S.H. Post – October 16, 2019

Read:   Ephesians 6:12

        “12 For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, …”

Exactly thirty years ago today Ronda and I were in downtown Toronto, Canada on our honeymoon.  We had visited the CN Tower, the world’s tallest tower at that time.  It was midday and we were walking the busy sidewalks looking for a place to have lunch.  Then came a commotion, across the street a homeless man was scaring people, wildly ranting and yelling.  We changed our course to avoid him, but he suddenly changed direction and was coming right toward us.  It is very rare for me to do this, but I said an open-eyed, silent prayer, calling on the power of the Holy Spirit (and in the name of Jesus – He’s our source of authority as children of God) to bind, rebuke, and cast out to outer darkness (where it can do no harm), any evil spirit tormenting that man.  Immediately the man stopped ranting and raving, was calm, but disoriented – he looked like he just woke up from a dream and didn’t know where he was.  Some may say it was coincidence – I don’t believe that.

I need to say again that demonic possession is extremely rare, and can’t happen to Christians.  And, that demonic oppression is infrequent, but can be a problem.  An evangelical seminary professor (with lots of his own stories) said that demons are like dogs, they respond to strong direct commands from a legitimate authority figure.  If you’re not a bit scared by this point, I’m worried for you.  I want to remind you to use the “full armor of God”.  I also want to say that you have NO authority over the demonic other than that which is given by Jesus and in His name– you have NO power over the demonic other than from the Holy Spirit.

Most Christians prefer to focus on the good stuff of faith–loving God, and loving neighbor; I do too.  The Bible gives us plenty of Kingdom of God building work to do.  This series of WISH posts is focusing on a very small part of Christian life – like what to do if you’re ever caught in a hurricane.  There is a need for wisdom and common sense balance here.  Too many misguided Christians “see” demons hiding behind every tree, and influencing people who simply disagree with them. That’s a shame. Again, C.S. Lewis’ wisdom comes to mind,

“You can give the Devil too much or too little attention.”


Pastor Rob Nystrom