W.I.S.H. Post – February 23, 2022

W.I.S.H. – Weekly Insights for Spiritual Health 02-23-2022

Read:  Proverbs 1:1-6

   1 The proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel: 2 For learning about wisdom and instruction, for understanding words of insight, 3 for gaining instruction in wise dealing, righteousness, justice, and equity; 4 to teach shrewdness to the simple, knowledge and prudence to the young– 5 Let the wise also hear and gain in learning, and the discerning acquire skill, 6 to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles.

 When Solomon became King of God’s people the Lord offered to grant him one wish.  Solomon asked for wisdom so that he would lead the people well.  God was pleased to grant Solomon’s wish and Solomon has been known ever since as the top of the class regarding wisdom. 

 Asking God for wisdom is good request, especially when it is in the service of the Lord, and to the benefit of God’s people.  God is still willing to convey the gift of wisdom, that’s why these proverbs of Solomon are compiled for us; that’s what the opening of Solomon’s book says (above) in verses 1-6.

 To be sure Solomon’s wisdom was great, but it is also shown in the Bible not to be the ultimate in wisdom.  In fact, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:25, “For God’s foolishness is wiser than human wisdom, and God’s weakness is stronger than human strength.”   Paul, and most pastors, claimed that promise as their path in life and for their service to Christ.  King Solomon may have prospered along with the nation, but some of his practices ended up being far from wise.

 God has been leading me toward an exploration of the Proverbs for some time and I think the time has arrived for the Proverbs to be the focus of my W.I.S.H. posts.  This will be the first of many W.I.S.H. posts that will lift up these principles of Godly living and spiritual wisdom.  I have known some actual geniuses who were very impressive with their intelligence and academic achievements but were a bit light on wisdom.  And I have known some common, everyday people who never went to college who were very impressively equipped with spiritual wisdom. 


Pastor Rob Nystrom