W.I.S.H. Post – August 23, 2020

Read: Genesis 11:27-12:9

I wonder why God chose Abram & Sarai? What was it about them to be the ones to carry the promise of hope for humanity? We aren’t given much information about them and their lives in Ur. Was it that God had compassion on them and childless condition? Was it their faith or openness to learning faith? Was it their ages (Abram was 75 and Sarai was 60)? Was God purposefully using the least probable people to create “the family of God”, so that all should see and know that it could only be a feat of the hand of God? Whatever the reason, we have arrived at the beginning.

It is a great adventure that God proposes to them. They will learn to walk by faith, trusting God for direction and gaining an appreciation for Divine providence. This is a true spiritual journey. The path will be one of growing in their relationship with God and of a growing self discovery. Whatever their backgrounds, and who they think they are, life is about to radically change. Even their names will change to reflect this new identity. Sarai will become Sarah, and Abram, Abraham. God is at work.

Can you imagine God calling someone to a new adventure at age 60 or 75? I hope so. Many famous people began their most notable work later in life. Some have worked whole personal careers, always wishing for the opportunity to do more for God, and discovering that God can use the time, energy, talents, and resources in powerful ways after retirement age. God is not so limited in thinking, in recognizing the potentials, and creating the possibilities, as we are. And, God knows us better than we know ourselves.

So, at an age when they’ve long given up having a family, and are thinking in terms of retirement, God calls Abram and Sarai on the grandest and most unexpected of adventures. They will be the parents of a great nation, God’s people. Wow!

Who are you? Who is it that God has created you to be? Who is it that God is calling you to become? Do you have the courage and faith to answer God’s call? Do you trust where God is leading? Are you willing to take those important first steps of faith toward the vision that God has given? Will you carry the promise God made to Abram and Sarai, that we are blessed by God to be a blessing? I hope so.

Pastor Rob Nystrom