W.I.S.H. Post – August 15, 2018

W.I.S.H. – Weekly Insights for Spiritual Health     08-15-2018

Read: Proverbs 15:22,

“Without counsel, plans go wrong, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Last week, when I wrote my WISH post I was “on a roll”. I enthusiastically typed out the thoughts that were rushing through my mind. It was an expression of my deepest convictions! It was sincere! Heartfelt! It was positive and inspirational (at least for me). There are times when I am in that “zone”, writing sermons or writing WISH posts, when tears come to my eyes! I think I read too much Leo Buscaglia as a youth. So, eagerly and excitedly, I posted my weekly WISH post. Not two minutes later I noticed an embarrassing type-o. Quickly, frantically I rushed to correct the mistake, so that very few would see my gaffe. I realized that I couldn’t correct it to the email recipients, bummer! So, I made the correction in a new email and sent out a second copy, acknowledging my error in the first edition, which I hoped they would ignore because I labeled the second email “revised”.

Not two minutes later I found a second error. Nooooooo! Quickly I rushed to correct the second mistake. If I hurried I could fix it before too many people saw it! Ugh, nine views already. No “likes” yet? Really?! None of those viewers “liked” my post? Inconceivable! (yes, use “Princess Bride” voice). Most weeks I have a “like” by now, and this post was so inspired! I guess they couldn’t get passed the mistakes. I corrected the second error, consoling myself that at least those viewing it in the future would not see my mistake and be distracted from my passionate message.

Not ten minutes latter, I saw a third error. It was one of those grammatical ones that you can inadvertently create when you are trying to word something just right, so you make changes and rework sentences, and your brain thinks it knows what it says, so you go with it. I was crushed. I know it’s hard to proof your own work; still I usually do better than that. I needed more time. I needed a proofreader/editor. I needed “counsel”. That’s when Proverbs 15:22 came to mind:

“Without counsel, plans go wrong, but with many advisers they succeed.”

I didn’t need “many” advisors, but I did need another set of eyes. One of God’s good gifts is community, a gathering of skills and talents, including “counsel”. Let’s be mindful, and thankful, for those who guide us with reliable wisdom.


Shalom, Pastor Rob Nystrom