W.I.S.H. Post – April 14, 2021

W.I.S.H. – Weekly Insights for Spiritual Health 04-14-2021

Read:  Exodus 7-11 (for the complete story of the 10 plagues)

In antiquity cultures were polytheistic, not monotheistic.  Abraham and Sarah were from Ur, where Zoroastrianism is believed to be the first religion to believe in one God. Promoting monotheism is one of the important influences of the Jewish faith.

The plagues of Exodus prove that Yahweh (YHWH) the Jewish God, is sovereign. Each plague was a challenge to the various gods of Egypt. The plague showed that God was in control, and not the gods of Egypt.  It was a spiritual showdown.  Below is a list of the plagues and the particular Egyptian god that was discredited.

1   Water to blood – Osiris – god of death and resurrection; in Egyptian mythology
            his blood was the Nile.
            Khnum – creator god, source of Nile River.

2   Frogs – Hapi – river fertility goddess, Heqt – frog goddess

3.  Gnats – Geb – the earth god of Egypt

4.  Flies – Uatchit – the fly god of Egypt

5.  Cattle disease – Ptah, Hathor, Amon, Mnevis – Egyptian gods related to cattle

6.  Boils – Sekhmet – goddess of epidemics, Serapis and Imhotep – gods of healing

7.  Hail – Nut – the sky goddess,
            Isis and Seth agricultural gods, Shu –god of the atmosphere

8.  Locusts – Serapia protector god from locusts

9.  Darkness – Re, Amon-re, Aten, Atum, Horus – Egyptian sun gods;
            Thoth –moon god

10. Death of firstborn – Osiris and all of the Egyptian gods, including pharaoh.

In ancient times gods were believed to have regional power, so Pharaoh had dismissed Moses’ claim that the LORD had any authority in Egypt.  The plagues helped the Hebrew people, enslaved for 400+ years after the death of Joseph, to realize that their God was powerful and sovereign.  They needed to know that their God could free them, protect them and provide for them in their desire for liberation.  

So, I wonder what oppressive powers or “gods” the Lord has overthrown in your life?  How has God demonstrated God’s power, protection, and provision to you?

Pastor Rob Nystrom