Pastor’s Page

Hello! I am Pastor Carmen Cook and I am grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of the passions of my heart. I have been in ministry for a few years now and with that being said here is what I am passionate about – preaching and teaching the Word of God, bringing souls to Christ, equipping the saints to walk their faith journey, and doing this faith journey together. While there is more to add to the list, these take first place and direct all the rest. If you choose to journey with us you will discover that I preach the Word of God, making no apologies, for it for it is the inspired, inerrant Word of God AND I will love you, as you are.

Just a little about me – I am married, creeping up on 20 years (Where has the time gone?!); we do not have children, but we do have a four-legged child named Caesar who goes with me almost everywhere as he is my protector and friend; and, I enjoy playing the piano, hunting, fishing, a good book, the theater, and finding rocks. I am just a normal person, who likes to cook and hates to do the dishes, and that has answered the call to serve the Lord in pastoral ministry. I know there are many who think that a woman shouldn’t be a pastor, but I can’t find that in the Bible (I really looked hard trying to get out of this!). And the truth of it is – God called me, so what was I going to do? The result is as I have journeyed the road of being a pastor I have discovered the great joy of serving the Lord in this way. I am humbled that He would say to me, “Carmen, do you love me? Then, feed my sheep.”

So, I welcome you to join me and this local body of believers as we journey together in the pursuit of knowing our Lord, looking more like Him and making Him known. We have many different opportunities to help us do this. I am always available to you so please feel free to call me or stop in for a visit.

Living for Jesus – together,

Pastor Carmen

Where being the church God has called us to be is our passion.