Here is John Wesley’s, the founder of the Methodist movement, which is the foundation of our teaching, own brief summary: “Gain all you can…. save all you can… give all you can.” As he develops each of these points in his sermon, his message is plain. We are to seek to earn all we can in ways that are helpful to ourselves and others, never harmful. We are to “save all we can” by being frugal in our expenses. And then having earned all we can and spent only what we must to care for our own basic needs and those of our family (which we are never to neglect!), we are to give everything else away.  read more…

For many years we have trusted Vanco Financial Services (GivePlus) to take care of our electronic funds giving. In May of 2020 we expanded our options to include mobile app giving and online giving. Both resources offer a one time payment or an option to set up repeated giving on a schedule of your choosing.  For those who are not so tech-savvy, we also offer EFT Electronic Funds Transfer service and offering envelopes you can fill on a weekly or monthly basis.

Below are a few useful links to help you with the giving method you prefer:

I would like to donate to AUMC, what so I do?

  • If it is a one time donation to our general fund or improvement fund this can be done online using the instructions above.
  • Any other donations can be mailed or dropped off to the church at the address below. Please include a note of where you would like the funds deposited, also include your name and address is you would like a receipt for your donation.

Auburn United Methodist Church
207 S. Auburn Rd.
Auburn, MI 48611

AUMC funds available to accept donations:

  • General Fund – Funds are used for day to day operating expenses, mission giving, and community involvement.
  • Improvement Fund – Funds are used for improvements and repairs to church buildings and property.
  • Auburn Community Food Pantry – Funds are used for supporting the Food Pantry needs, purchasing food items, gift cards, etc. (Please note that the Pantry is run by volunteers and there are no payroll or day to day operating expenses, all funds are directed to meeting the needs of out community.)
  • Memorial Fund – Donations made in memory of someone. The funds are reserved for special purchases within the church and not day to day expenses. A committee has been formed to make decisions on how these funds are spent using a “Request for Memorial Funds”submission.
  • Student Loan Fund – Funds are used to give no interest loans to college students.
  • Camperships Fund – Funds are used to send children and youth to camp elevating the expense for parents as we can afford. We also encourage a “Bring a Friend” system and will fund a not AUMC attending child or youth to attend camp.