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Coronavirus/Covid 19 Updates

UPDATE: November 5, 2020

A church wide email from Pastor Rob was sent out this morning. LINK TO EMAIL HERE

Due to the large increase in Covid cases in the State of Michigan and in our areas (Bay City, Midland & Saginaw) we have decided to suspend in church services.

We will return to Drive In services at 10:00 am in the church parking lot. Please take note that we have changed the radio station in which we will be broadcasting to 92.7 FM. (The other station we were using was very close to another station and sometimes caused interference.)

In the upcoming weeks we will be experimenting with ways to bring the service to you using Facebook live or another source, until a decision is made you will be able to get a recording of the service on our Facebook page and website as we have been doing in the past.

In the meantime, will will continue to do our mission work. The Auburn Community Food Pantry will be safely distributing Thanksgiving & Christmas meals.

Church Hours & Staffing

We have resumed regular office hours, however, due to the current risk levels we are trying to limit person to person contact. If you need something from the church you may want to call to make sure some one will be there and to assist the staff in preparing what you need in advance so a quick pick-up/drop-off can be done.

Although churches can be exempt from the order, our church leaders have decided to follow the Governor’s order to require face masks to enter our building. Adult & child masks will be available if you do not have one. (Message from Bishop Bard.)

Please use the following contact information to reach us:

Pastor Rob Nystrom 989-415-3830 pastorrob@auburnumc.org
Administrative Assistant, Jenn 989-662-6314 office@auburnumc.org
989-225-0856 Cell
Music Department, Pat & Gabrielle music@auburnumc.org

Financial support (Tithings) for the church can be mailed to 207 S. Auburn Rd., Auburn, MI 48611 or they can be done electronically through Giveplus. (For more information on how to give electronically click here.)

The Auburn Community Food Pantry is still operating by referral only. Please call the Bay County Emergency Food Pantry Network for a referral at 989-893-0092. If you are interested in making a donation to the Auburn Community Food Pantry please contact the church Administrative Assistant for direction.

Our Prayer Chain is still active! Prayer requests for Prayer Chain can be phoned to Kathy Gilson at 662-2114 or Sandy Burr at 496-2935. Please do not leave a phone message as someone may not get the message on time, please call the next person on the list. You can also email the prayer chain at aumcpc@yahoo.com.  (Please do not email to our personal emails.)


Information from the Bishop & the Michigan Conference