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Where is Auburn UMC and where do I park?

We are located at 207 S. Auburn St., Auburn, MI 48611
Crossroads are US-10 and Midland Road.
We share a drive with the Auburn Police and City Hall.

There are drives on the north and south sides of the church that lead to our parking lot. Please pull to the back of the church where there is plenty of parking and a main entrance under the covered awning. – There is also a handicapped entrance on the back of the building, for security reasons it is usually locked during office hours as that door can not be seen by staff. If you are planning to come and need to use that door, please call the office at 989-662-6314 and someone will make sure it is open for you. 

Our building is handicap accessible with an elevator to all 3 levels.  We also have some walkers and wheelchairs available for use. There is also a Hearing Loop installed in the sanctuary that will connect with the t-coil in most hearing aids.

Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 1:30 pm.
Note: If Bay City Public Schools is closed for weather, we also close our building.

Contact: Jennifer Williams, Administrative Assistant & Bookkeeper

Worship Services

Worship service starts at 10:30 am
followed by Fellowship (coffee & treats) in our Fellowship Hall.
Services are available in-person, online or by radio broadcast.

Sunday School & Nursery Care

Our Nursery is open 9:15 am – 11:45 am (September – May)
10:15 am – 11:45 am (June – August)
It is located downstairs, in room 2.
Supervised by Phyllis Roberts, Child Care Coordinator. 

We offer Sunday School for all ages starting at 9:30 am, downstairs,
September – May.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I have to be a member to attend? Anyone can attend AUMC and participate in our activities, you do not have to be a an official United Methodist member. We actually have several people who have been attending for a couple years who have not taken the membership class to become official. That’s ok, we will welcome you to our flock with all love and grace. If after you have been attending for a bit and you decided you would like to become an official member please talk to Pastor to begin the membership process.
  • Can I take communion if I am not United Methodist? Typically we serve communion on the 1st Sunday of each month. The table of Holy Communion is Christ’s table, open to all who respond to Christ’s love, regardless of age, church membership, or even where you are currently at with the Lord in your relationship. The United Methodist Church places no age restrictions on participation in the Lord’s Supper, even infants and children are invited.
  • What can I do with my kids while I am in church? We welcome children to worship service, it is a joy to have them. We have incorporated a “Prayer Ground” (a quiet place to play) in the front our sanctuary on the right side. Please feel free to sit up front and let your children enjoy this space. If your children are 2 or younger they can be in service or you may choose to take them to our staffed nursery. If you choose to keep your young child with you in the service and that child decides it is time to “talk” or even move around the sanctuary – that is ok. In the Lord’s House there is room for all. The Pastor has even been known to hold a child during service and there is nothing sweeter then to hear a young voice call out in the service, “amen”. Note: There is also a rocking chair available in the area just outside the sanctuary doors where you can still view and hear the service and rock your child if needed. There is also a changing station available in the bathroom down the library hallway on the sanctuary level. 
  • How should I dress to come to church? We are a “come as you are” church but to give you a better idea, most people dress casual or dressy casual. Anything from T-shirts and jeans to a suit jacket or dress.
  • Do you offer Sunday School? Yes we do! We have a very large Sunday School program that includes 2 adult level classses and 3 children & youth. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.
  • Do you have Bible Studies? Yes we do! Every Tuesday the Pastor has a Bible study at 11:30 AM located in one of the church’s Sunday School rooms. Then, at 6:30 there is another Bible Study at 6:30 PM located at the parsonage. All are welcome to attend. The only things you will need are a Bible, a pen, curiosity and a hunger to know God more. We will be studying the Gospel of Matthew in 2023 and you can join in at any time. All are welcome!

We want you to feel welcome!
Here are a few things you can do to make your first visit a success:

  • We encourage visitors to stop at the Welcome Center in the Fellowship Hall. They can help you by answering any questions you have, including finding a bathroom.
  • Take a moment to fill out the AUMC Communication Card located in the bulletin and put it in the offering plate. (1 card per family is great) We promise we will not sell your information, call you to extend your car warranty or try to sell you insurance. We use this information for our attendance tracking and to reach out to you in the future. Pastor likes to send a personal greeting from her office as a follow up to thank you for coming and see how we can meet your needs, no pressure.
  • This one is a hard one. We know you are going to feel like you don’t know anyone so you won’t want to stay but please stay for Fellowship Time after service in the Fellowship Hall. This gives you a change to meet our church family, eat yummy snacks and have coffee or punch. During the months of January – March we will be having services in the fellowship hall due to a remodeling project in the sanctuary. We invite you to join us around the tables to eat, fellowship, sing, and grow in our faith. The service may look different but our Lord is still the same!

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