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Refresh, Rejoice, Renew in 2022 is a project sponsored by our Trustees to transform the physical atmosphere of our church setting to support the refreshed vision and mission
of the church:

Our Vision:
“A family church where we can grow together in faith and reach out to share God’s love.”

Our Mission:
“Connecting people with the love & life of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

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The scope of the project:

  • Replace the 34 year old carpeting in the sanctuary and adjanct storage room, narthex, parlor, and elevator hallway.
  • Paint coat room, south entrance, sanctuary, narthex, elevator hallway, and parlor including paneling and cupboard.
  • Remove pews and replace with flewable seating chairs for a more modern worship enviroment.
    • Some pew wood may be used for building stairs in the sanctuary to altar area.
    • Remaining pews will be sold $100 each to AUMC family or $250 each on Facebook market place.
    • There are 21 large pews and 8 small pews.
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Estimated total cost for the project $ 45,000.

Fund raising progress:

As of September 11, 2022
Total Cash received:                                          $ 37,354.92
Total pledge funds expected in the future:   $   3,133.98
Progress towards goal:                                     $ 40,688.90