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Photo Directory


I am so excited that we are doing a new photo directory, we have not had one done since 2009 and there has been so many changes.  Just so everyone feels comfortable I wanted to give you a little more information:

We have chosen to go with Universal Church Directories for our 2018 Church Directory.  I have spoken with Phil Keinath, Territory Manager, many times and I think we have made a good choice.  He assured me that they do NOT have any high pressure sales tactics and do NOT share information or put you on any kind of call lists which has been a problem with some of their competitors.  I have seen a copy of their prices and they seem comparable, if not just a little less than their competitors, although he did tell me that there will be special packages available that were not listed on the sheet I seen.

There is no sitting fee.  Each family photographed will receive free an 8 x 10 photograph, a church directory, and access our Church Directory App for use on phones or tablets.  Purchasing photos is optional. We are hoping for 100% participation. There are limited appointments available on alternate dates and locations if you can not be here July 17 & 18, please contact the church office ASAP for more information.

Starting May 13 a representative from the Photo Directory Committee (Jim & Barb Cody. Janet Rahl or Jenn Williams) will be here on Sunday morning to schedule appointments in person.  You can also schedule appointment online Monday – Friday.  There are instruction for scheduling online and a link to take you to the scheduling website below.


Click here to be directed to Universal Church Directories SCHEDULING WEBSITE

Church Code:  mi1129
Church Password: photos
(password is case sensitive)

A few notes and pointers from Universal Church Directories:

  • Allow 45 – 60 minutes for your professional photography and portrait viewing. 
  • Clothing – Solid colors work best and will make you look thinner. 
  • Hair – Be yourself, avoid changing your hairstyle or cutting your hair right before your session. 
  • Jewelry – If you have jewelry that has special meaning to you wear it!
  • Make-up – Apply make-up as you would normally for an evening out. Pay special attention to your eyes: the focal point in a portrait!
  • Glasses – If you wear glasses all the time, you’ll want to wear them in your portraits. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the glare. 
  • You may invite extended family members for a multi-generational photo. (Please remember to book two consecutive appointment if you will have more then 6 people.) 
  • If you would like, bring your pet, we know they are important part of the family! (Please remember to book two consecutive appointment for photos with pets.)
  • Bring items that express you and your family’s personality. e.g. instruments, sports equipment and hobby items.