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One True King Benefit Concert

It is with great honor we are welcoming the Christian rock band “One True King” to Auburn United Methodist Church to do a benefit concert to help support the One Week One Street project.  The concert is free to attend but we will be passing a bucket to collect funds that will all go to the One Week One Street project.  Please share the enclosed posters and bulletin stuffers in your church to help promote this great event.  This is a FREE concert so it will be a great adult group or youth event. Our youth group will be hosting a “Dinner with the Band” Pizza Party at 5:30pm, please see enclosed flyer for more information.

One True King puts on an awesome show! Their first CD  debut, “The Nails” has 3 songs currently being played on Christian radio all over the world.  They are currently working on their 2nd CD release “Live Loud” with Grammy winning artist and produced Bob Parr, famous for his work with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Cher, Barry White, and the Bottle Rockets, which is expected to be release early 2019.

See description below from One True King’s website 1TKBand.com…

One True King is a contemporary Christian rock band, reminiscent of yesteryear with a solid classic rock sound—Third Day meets Casting Crowns. Our goal is to write songs that do more than recite trite religious clichés. The mission of our music is to dig deep into the reality of walking with Christ. Our music looks life square in the eye and doesn’t blink. It admits that we are real people with real problems—but it affirms that we also have a real God who has real solutions.

 Our music blurs genre lines and delivers an authentic message of the forgiveness, grace, restoration and relationship that is available to everyone through Jesus Christ. We are a diverse group of musicians whose influences span nearly four decades of music. Our individual testimonies of God’s rescuing love fuel our passion for reaching out to hurting souls, both inside and outside the body of Christ.

 One of our fans described our music as “taking bits of classic rock, blues, gospel and funk, throwing it all into a blender and turning it up to 11.” There’s some truth there. Each of us has a slightly different musical heritage that informs the distinctive style we bring to the mix. If you listen through “The Nails,” our debut release, you’ll hear riffs that pay homage to Skynyrd, 80s hair-metal guitar tones, growling Hammonds, searing synths, blues back beats and even southern gospel harmonies. Ask a dozen different fans who we are, and you’ll probably get a   dozen slightly different answers.

 If you have any questions or want to reserve group seating please contact the church office at 989-662-6314 or office@auburnumc.org