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March 8, 2018

“For it is as if a man, going on a journey, summoned his slaves and entrusted his property to them; to one he gave five talents, to another two, to another one, to each according to his ability. Then he went away.”  (Matthew 25:14-15)

Members and Friends!

This Sunday we are giving money away thanks to the Finance Committee’s initiative!  However, it comes with a catch.  We’ll be encouraging everyone to live out the parable of the talents in which Jesus describes the master giving money to those who serve him.  When he returns he celebrates those who’ve multiply what they’ve received.  In keeping with this parable, there will be two cards placed in every bulletin.  “Talents Offered”—white in color–invites you to consider a skill, service or gift you have that you can use to multiply the gift received.  “Talents requested”—cream in color–invites you to request the gifts and abilities of someone else so you can contribute to the multiplication of someone else’s talent and have your need(s) met.  When you have completed one or both of the cards, you will be invited to come forward as you are able and exchange them for an envelope.  Each envelope contains $10 and you may take up to three envelopes.  The cards will be on display in Fellowship Hall so those looking for talents can contact those who have what you might need and those looking for inspiration may read what others are doing and consider ways to multiply your own God-given talents.  Please keep the envelope to be used to return the results of your efforts by June 10th.  We will receive envelopes that day in worship and celebrate the results of everyone’s stewardship.  All proceeds will be used to reach out to others through the shared United Methodist Church ministries at home and around the world.

If you’re looking for ideas the bulletin insert will provide some.  If none of them inspire, here are a few others I discovered with a brief Google search:

Dog walking, Cake baking/selling; make and sell Chocolate Truffles;, Lunch for a walking group; E-Bay buying and selling; Knitting trendy scarves; Photo cards (by 11 year old Lucy from her own photos); Soup lunch for church members; Growing and selling Apple tree seedlings; Lunch for friends; Christmas ornaments and other sewing; Giving chocolate away for donations; Build Bird houses/feeders; Pyrography (designs onto wooden boxes); Talk on photography and selling photos; sell carvings; Producing and selling some watercolor paintings; Multimedia art; Cards of local landmarks from original art work; make and sell Chutney; Knitted Easter bunnies; Social night (movie night and food at your home for a donation); Recipe book; cooked breakfast sold at work; Taking people on a ‘wilderness walk’; making flavored oils and vinegars; use the money to buy ingredients for pancakes or similar; bake them sell at a premium; use that money to buy more ingredients sell them on, etc. etc.;  Found an old family recipe for tomato soup, one she hadn’t made in 19 years. She remembered how much she had enjoyed the chopping and the cooking and the canning and the smells.  She bought three pecks of tomatoes. At $5 a jar, she made $180; One guy sold rides on his Harley; people did crafts — knitting, origami; one person sold “chicken shares” — people would pay and receive three dozen eggs and a photo of the hen;  One woman baked hundreds of chocolate truffles while another knitted trendy scarves;  Another person gave up a day’s wages;  Students sold homemade art, dog treats, cookies, decorated planters, jewelry, and t-shirts among many other creative ideas.  If none of these help, try this website:  https://talentpledge.org/explore-ways-to-fundraise-that-match-your-interests/

The idea is to have fun with multiplying the gift given and return the results June 10th.  I want to emphasize that this project is an outreach effort because all the proceeds will be used to support United Methodist ministries shared by all United Methodist Churches in our country and around the world.

Some additional things to be aware of:

  2. Native American Awareness special offering envelopes will be included in this week’s bulletin once again. Your gifts are used to serve the Native American community through the UMC.
  3. We are in need of 20 people to read short pieces of scripture for the Maundy Thursday service. A sign up sheet is on the Serving Center table.  There will be a practice on Tuesday, March 25th at 6 p.m.  Maundy Thursday service begins on March 27 at 6:30 p.m. with a simple soup supper and communion.  A service of Tenebrae will follow at 7 p.m.
  4. The Worship Ministry Team reminds you that this will be the last Sunday to order flowers for Easter Sunday.
  5. The lower level flooring has been completed. There are still some details that need handling but for the most part the project is complete.  The trustees are currently investigating costs for possible bathroom renovations to make them handicap accessible on that level.
  6. We have two students participating in Confirmation this year: Lakin Weitzel and Olivia Erwin.  Each has been paired with a mentor:  Sue Plessner and Denise Horswill, respectively.  They will be working in pairs for the next few months.  Confirmation Sunday is June 10th should they decide to become members of the church.  Please pray for them and this journey and ask them how things are going for them.  Offer your support.
  7. The trustees are also planning a garage build for the new pastor. A two-car garage is being planned and the single garage may be moved and used as a storage building on another part of the church’s property.  Volunteers will be needed to make this happen, so please stay tuned.
  8. If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a meaningful mission trip, now is your chance. April 8-15 Becky Jenkins is leading a group to the Midwest Mission Distribution Center in Chattam, Illinois.  Contact Becky of you’d like to join the group at 989-859-2035/cmumom83@hotmail.com.  I’m looking forward to my second trip there.

With gratitude for God’s grace and for you!

Rev. Duane M. Harris