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This website is currently under construction, while most aspects of the site are in working order others may be out of date or unable to open. If there is something you are looking for and can not find or open please feel free to contact the church office at 989-662-6314.  

If… you are checking this site because you’re looking for a church home, we welcome you.
If… you are visiting because you’ve experienced a change in your life that is prompting a search for answers to spiritual dilemmas, we welcome you.
If… you are exploring as a result of a deep need for God, we welcome you.
If… you come with doubts and fears, pain or suffering, we welcome you.
If… you’ve come out of deep gratitude for life and love, we welcome you.

Wherever you find yourself in your spiritual journey as you peruse this website, it is our hope that we may serve in ways that provide a place in which you can grow in your spiritual life as we seek to grow in ours. We are not a community filled with perfect people, just people who seek to love God and neighbor as we are called by Jesus Christ. Come as you are and be our guest.